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Local New Mexico Culture

When you’re in New Mexico you are surrounded by the culture of the Native Americans from local names to patterns of art and decoration. When you spend time at the American RV Resort, you’re well situated to see all of this for yourself.
While there are several different places you can go to learn more about the Native Americans that live in the area, one of the best ways to see it is to travel just about an hour away to visit the Sky City.

City in the Sky

Acoma Pueblo is built on top of a sandstone bluff that stands 367 feet high. This bluff is in a valley filled with monoliths. Acoma has been continuously inhabited since 1150 AD, making it the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America.

Acoma Pueblo is a federally recognized Indian Tribe and it covers 431,664 acres with a population of 4,800. There are over 250 dwelling, all without electricity, sewer, or water. Acoma Pueblo was named the 28th Historic Site in 2007 and is the only Native American site with that designation.

Acome Puebla, New Mexico

Cultural Learning

Many Pueblo people live in and near the Sky City. Most don’t live in the pueblo all the time but return for special occasions to celebrate their culture in their ancestral homes. The potters still make the Pueblo Indian pottery, widely known for its beauty and artisanship.

The cultural center located there is intended to help preserve Acoma traditions and give you special insight into their history. You can take guided tours and purchase Acoma pottery made by local potters.