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American RV Park Host – Meet the Manager

Robert’s Journey: From Law Enforcement to RV Park Management

Robert’s story is one of transition, passion, and a commitment to staying active in retirement. Born and raised in northern New Mexico, he embarked on a career in law enforcement, dedicating years of service to ensuring the safety of his community. After retiring, he found himself at a crossroads, seeking a new venture to fill his days with purpose and enjoyment.

In 14 years at American RV Park, Robert has woven himself into the fabric of the community, making a profound impact on both the park and its guests. Starting in maintenance, his diligent work ethic and natural leadership skills quickly earned him promotions. As the head of maintenance, he exhibited a knack for problem-solving and fostering a sense of camaraderie among his team.

Six years ago, Robert took the reins as the park’s manager, a position he embraced with enthusiasm and dedication. Managing the day-to-day operations, he’s become the heart of American RV Park, ensuring that visitors experience a welcoming and well-maintained environment.

Living on the property with his wife, Deborah, who also contributes her skills to the park, they have created a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone. Their spoiled Corgi, Miss Daisy, adds a friendly face to the community.

Outside of his managerial duties, Robert finds joy in pursuing various hobbies. An avid balloonist, he takes to the skies with fellow enthusiasts, enjoying the breathtaking views Albuquerque has to offer. Fishing excursions provide moments of tranquility, and his love for museums showcases a genuine curiosity about the world around him.

Robert has a deep appreciation for Native American culture, often immersing himself in the rich traditions and history. Attending Native American festivals, such as Pueblo Feast Days, has become a cherished pastime, allowing him to connect with the local heritage.

For those seeking culinary delights in the area, Robert recommends El Pinto and Sadie’s for authentic Mexican cuisine or the Monte Carlo Steakhouse for a savory steak experience. His recommendations reflect his appreciation for the diverse flavors and cultural influences that define New Mexico’s culinary scene.

So, next time you find yourself at American RV Park, make sure to say hello to Robert and Deborah. Their dedication and warm hospitality are sure to make your stay memorable, just like the vibrant community they’ve helped create.