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Scenic New Mexico

view-new-mexico-trip-scenic You’re taking the family out to have a good time in the Southwest. You couldn’t ask for a better place to settle in for a night or more than the American RV Resort. One problem though. How to fill the time in the miles along the way? It seems that kids today are content to bury their faces in their devices and ignore everyone and everything around them. Problem is, if they’re doing that why go on vacation at all?

Family travel fun

You aren’t planning family trips so that the kids can just ignore the world. You want to engage them with the rest of the family. Well, in that case why not play a few games that you grew up with and played on vacation or some you haven’t had the chance to play yet. There are a great many options, but why not turn the standard kid complaint back on them.

Are We There Yet?

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard their kids ask this question? Let’s be honest, you probably asked it too and it annoyed your parents just as much as it annoys you. So why not have some fun with it. This game has the benefits of being not only fun, but educational as well. You’ll need a little prep beforehand. Get a map of the Southwest and take it to your local photocopy shop and get it done in black and white. Grab a folder to keep the map neat. Finally get some colored pencils, markers, or light-colored crayons. We recommend the colored pencils, they don’t melt like crayons or leave permanent marks on your upholstery like markers. map-game-rv-newmexico


Mark the starting point and the end for the day on the map. During the trip have the kids color the map with their colored pencils. They can only ask you “Where are we now?” Now they can keep track of where you are on the trip.